Jul 3, 2007

vanguardas [ 2 ]

foto-montagem de edifício | the Wolkenbügel | el lissitzky | 1928

"constructivism will enable humankind to achieve the maximum level of culture with minimum expense of energy. before retreating into his shell, every individual born on this this planet can learn the quickest way to the factory that is developing the earth's one and only organism. to the factory where a gigantic trampoline is being created for the leap into universal human culture - the name of the way is constructivism. the great corrupters of the human race, the aesthetes and artists, have destroyed the stern bridges along the way and replaced them with a huge dose of sugar sweet opium - art and beauty. it is uneconomical to expend the essence of the world, the human brain, on reclaming the marshes of aestheticism.after weighing the facts on the scale of an honest attitude to the earth's inhabitants, the constructivists declare art and its priests illegal."
"the constructivists adress the world" | stenberg brothers and constantin medunetsky | 1922

movie poster | "six girls seeking shelter" | stenberg brothers | 1928

"our primary device is montage...[but] we do not neglect construction. ours are eye-catching posters which, one might say, are designed to shock. we deal with the material in a free manner... disregarding actual proportions...turning figures upside-down; in short, we employ everything that can make a busy passerby stop in their tracks" - vladimir stenberg

e por último um registo audio do manifesto realista de naum gabo e noton pevsner, um documento compreensivo do constructivismo, com várias pontes para outros movimentos de vanguarda europeus. um autêntico "must listen".

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